Based in the UK, the X-Viols take their name from the XVth century when the viol was invented.  One of the most popular types of ensembles during the XVth and XVIth century was the viol consort, where several different sizes of the same type of instrument performed together: like the now popular string quartet.  Some of the greatest composers of the time wrote for this type of ensemble, including the famous English composer Henry Purcell. 

The X-Viols focus of mixing lesser known consort music, and contemporary music written for the ensemble, with well-known classics to create exciting programmes for audiences that know the viol consort repertoire and want to hear a programme with a difference, as well as for audiences who don’t know viol consorts and want to hear something new and exciting.  This flexible ensemble’s members are some of the finest musicians of their generation, having studied at some of the UK’s top music colleges and conservatoires and performing at some of the UK’s top concert halls, including the Southbank Centre, London.